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Flexible Fiberscopes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Applications Industrial uses for flexible fiberscopes consist of the monitoring or inspection during processing, manufacturing and maintenance of turbines, engines including diesel, casting, tube and pipe inspections. Homeland security applications for flexible fiberscopes include covert surveillance, bomb detection and disarming, as well as border contraband and drug interdiction. Additional applications that apply to flexible fiberscopes include non destructive inspections, testing and evaluation of heat exchangers, process manufacturing inspections, oven and boiler inspections, aircraft engines and structural inspections during routine maintenance, and for quality control programs in food and pharmaceutical processing plants, to name a few. Range of specifications Complete, ready to go flexible fiberscope kits contain a fiberscope with an insertion tube sheathed in tungsten braid, a light source, side tip adapters, 4 power options, replacement lamps and a heavy duty carrying case. Other options available for fiberscopes include 2 way or 4 way articulation, working lengths from 0.7 m to 6 m, and diameters from 2.4 mm to 8 mm. Standard flexible fiberscopes sold separately.